Network Shares disconnected by Network Manager

Regarding Ubuntu launchpad bug :

(brief summary : During shutdown/restart, Network Manager brings down wifi interface so quickly that remote samba filesystems in fstab "hang" with the "CIFS VFS server not responding" error.)

In comment 117, James asks :
Would it be possible for NetworkManager to bring up & down configured mount points as part of it's configuration settings? That way, it unmounts just before bringing the network down and mounts the filesystems after bring the network up ? A simple checkbox would suffice e.g "Control Network Shares".

Is this feasible, or on the Network Manager roadmap already?  Note that this bug is only apparent on WIFI connected systems.  A wired connection is apparently kept up long enough such that the remote filesystems are unmounted cleanly.  Also ticking "Available to all users" has no effect on this bug.  It would seem to require some hacking of the Network Manager app itself and the way it processes WIFI connections on shutdown/restart.

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