Re: Debugging iwlagn intermittent connectivity issue

On Mon, 2009-06-08 at 15:20 -0700, Paul Jones wrote:
> Hi,
>    I was hoping to get some help with a intermittent connectivity
> issue using Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10). My wireless connection (iwlagn)
> seems to fail intermittently for 15-30s at a time as frequently as
> every couple of minutes. NetworkManager doesn't report that the
> connection has failed and there doesn't seem to be anything of note in
> syslog or wpa_supplicant.log.

What kernel version?  Kernels earlier than 2.6.30 have bugs relating to
scanning that could well be causing your problem.  Are you loading
iwlagn with any module options?


>    I have no idea where this bug could be located and I would like
> some help with debugging. I have experienced the bug using three
> difference AP. I haven't eliminated a hardware issue however, as I've
> only run this laptop using Intrepid. But hardware seems unlikely as
> the problem is alleviated by rebooting. I have experienced the bug
> with every Intrepid kernel that has been released thus far. The bug
> seems to occur mainly when the wireless network is under load. For
> instance, when I'm streaming videos off of Hulu.
>    I have posted a bug report here
> (
> It should contain much of the relevant information.
>    I appreciate any help your experience can bring. Thanks for your time
> Paul
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