On Sat, 2009-06-27 at 11:10 -0700, Jesse W wrote:
> Yes, it'd be great to have a a good, up-to-date CLI interface to 
> NetworkManager; I've also been wanting this, and I'll be happy to help 
> with whatever coding or testing I can be helpful with.  Let me know how 
> I can help.
> I only recently came across NM, on a new Fedora 10 system I'm setting 
> up as a home router sharing a CDMA modem connection via ethernet.  The 
> CDMA connection goes down relatively often, and NM doesn't 
> auto-reconnect; a CLI would let me relatively easily code such an 
> auto-reconnect feature into the dispatcher.d scripts.  (although there 
> is probably a cleaner way to do it...)

Yes, that's something that's being planned right now.  There are some
quick fixes that could be done to re-connect on hard failure (as opposed
to user disconnect), they just need implementation.


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