Configuring routes on a VPN

Hi List,

Recently, NM managed to lose my preconfigured routes for my VPN
settings. In an older version, i was able to take a space delimited
list of ip.ip.ip.ip/mask and copy and paste that into NM's
configuration dialog. Since then i've never had to look at it. In it's
current rendition, 0.7 on Fedora 10, the dialog is a complete user
interface fail. It requires several mouse clicks for each item in that
list. Given that there are nearly 20 items on this list, it would
probably take me half an hour to edit it.

Peeking into gconf to get a better idea of what's going on isn't much
more enlightening. gconf isn't just storing IP's and subnet masks, but
using some other weird oddball algorithm to save the information.

Instead, every time i log on to my company's VPN, all connections are
being forced to be routed through there, and this is a complete drag
on my internet connection. Could someone please shed a bit of light on
how i'm supposed to enter in all the VPN routes?

-Yaakov Nemoy

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