Re: Connection breaks frequently with Connection Sharing (3G to WLAN)

Juhani Jaakola wrote:
I have a PC with A-Link WL54H WLAN card (driver rt2500pci) and a USB 3G modem. I connect to the Internet via the 3G modem and I want to share that connection with other PCs via WLAN. I'm running Fedora 10.

I connected to Internet with "Auto GSM network connection". Then I chose "Create New Wireless Network..." to share the 3G connection to other PCs with WLAN. I created a network with security NONE. Then I connect to the new ad hoc WLAN network from ThinkPad with Windows XP SP3.

My problem is that the WLAN connection to the ThinkPad breaks very frequently. Last hour the connection broke 13 times! This is what I get in /var/log/messages:
have a look at your ad-hoc connection side, a lot of wireless drivers doesnt support it well, I got the same problems with an intel 3945 with iwl3945 driver, the ad-hoc mode is bad, i have a lot of difficulties to merge bssids.

I suggest you to test only the connection between your two computers, without sharing connection first ( try some file transfers, between the two computers, wait a few minutes, restart a file transfer... ). if the connection is rock stable, then you can suspect the connection sharing, but I guess you wont.

a lspci could be usefull to see your wireless chip brand.

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