Re: autoconnect connection property

Simon Schampijer wrote:

to ensure the to expected behavior I have an understanding question regarding the 'autoconnect" property for a connection. Does this mean, when I export a connection on startup (with the NewConnection call) and the "autoconnect" property is set for this connection that NM does directly connect to it?

Or do I still need to call ActivateConnection for that connection? Is it right, that if I have 2 access points available that NM connects to the one which I have been connected to last (timestamp)?

So, does all this logic lives in NM and I only have to export the connections in my user interface application (e.g. nm-applet)?


To will follow up on this, because I Dan gave me the answer already on irc yesterday - might be useful to others.

Dan: The answer to your question is "yes", autoconnect means that NM will attempt to bring that connection up whenever it is available and has the highest timestamp of available connections. The moment you signal NewConnection, if it's marked autoconnect, it may be activated if the AP has been found.

If you respond to D-Bus calls before you're able to read in all your connections, then you'll want to use NewConnection, but in reality, you'll know what they all are by the first time something calls ListConnections. NM will call ListConnections when the settings service is seen on the bus. What nm-applet does is get everything from GConf and add it internally to what ListConnections returns before it responds to D-Bus method calls from other processes.

The thing that put me off, was that I did not add the security string to the 802-11-wireless setting. As it was marked optional I did not pay attention to it. If you have a connection that requires secrets NM will only try to connect when this setting is set.


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