Re: Accessing previously freed data.

Dan Williams wrote:
> Hmm; I wouldn't expect the device to be finalized until UDI_REMOVED is
> called.  Basically, if the device gets added to NM, it's very surprising
> to me that the device is ever destroyed if UDI_REMOVED doesn't happen.
> Any idea what's causing that?  My first thought would be an error in
> device recounting; debugging that would require some logs of NM behavior
> when the device destruction happens.

No I can't reproduce this reliably enough to to much debugging.  I think
my scenario is caused by a bug in HAL but that's just a gut feel at this
point.  If that is the case, obviously the solution is to fix HAL, I'm
just wondering if there is a way to have Network Manager handle this
more gracefully.


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