Re: Bluetooth DUN and USB DUN for CDMA and GSM. Will NM 0.7.1 treat them equally?

Darren Albers wrote:
On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 8:31 PM, Eric Appleman <erappleman gmail com> wrote:
Right now, if I plug in my Verizon LG VX8350, NM won't even manage the phone
unless I configure it as a GSM modem in Mobile Broand Connection Wizard.

If I attempt the Bluetooth route, once again, NM won't detect properly
unless I force the phone as CDMA in Blueman 1.0.

Both of these situations are quite enraging.


I am not sure if enraging is the correct phrase....  ;-)   Either way
does MBCA support CDMA devices?   I don't see any CDMA providers from
the US even listed.

Revision 68 supposedly supports CDMA, but libmbca is almost impossible to build.

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