Mobile Broadband Provider Info patch updating a Nigerian Provider

Attached. The provider has introduced subscription plans, and adjusted billing for each of their access points accordingly.

The patch adds the new access point, and properly labels the pay-as-you-go access point.

The patch was made against an SVN checkout. I hope that is still okay.

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Index: serviceproviders.xml
--- serviceproviders.xml	(revision 95)
+++ serviceproviders.xml	(working copy)
@@ -2808,14 +2808,21 @@
-		<name>Glo-Ng</name>
+		<name>Glo PAYG</name>
-		<dns>-</dns>
+	<provider>
+		<name>Glo 3G Pack</name>
+		<gsm>
+			<apn>gloflat</apn>
+		</gsm>
+		<username>flat</username>
+		<password>flat</password>
+	</provider>
 <!-- Nicaragua -->

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