Reconnection after manual disconnection still fails


I have reconnection problems with an Huawei K3715 similar to the
following bug report:

I'm not using NetworkManager, I have my own Python backends/scripts to
establish the connection:

- Enable the modem
- Send the PIN
- Call Connect("*99#")
- Got CONNECT from the modem
- Start pppd and set DNS and default gateway
- Done

Now when I want to disconnect,

- Send SIGTERM to pppd,
- Call Disconnect() on modem.

I clearly see the state transition from MM's console output. And it also

(/dev/ttyUSB0) closing serial device...

Now if I call Connect() or getSignalQuality() I always got a DBus exception:

SerialSendFailed: Sending command failed: device is not enabled.

I have to unplug and replug the device.
I'm using the latest MM from git.


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