Re: pessimistic NetworkManager and off-line mode (was: Diskless clients and NetworkManager)

Quoting Marc Herbert <Marc Herbert gmail com>:

For instance this most obvious false positive: you are connected but not
to the internet. Then why would pidgin try to reach MSN servers in this

There's also the granularity issue; one can't expect NM to determine what ports are blocked by firewalls, proxied, etc. So any picture applications get will be somewhat murky in either case, but I'd guess most application developers are aiming more at getting some kind of best-effort information.

3) NM could simply lean towards the optimistic side and report
connectivity as soon as in doubt. Maybe NM should trigger off-line modes
ONLY when it is 200% sure that it OWNS EVERY single interface in the
system and is positively sure they are ALL absolutely out of order.

Defaulting to on when in doubt would certainly solve it for me at least, and I can't immediately think of a situation where it would cause problems for applications that don't need to be handled anyway.


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