Re: Web-based Network Login

The only problem I can see with using something like Curl (and the
reason I'd be doing the actual authentication through Firefox) is that
some of these portals can be doing some weird things, and have to have
another window come up.  What JavaScript needs to run in these one
cannot say, since it depends on the company, and it seems simpler to use
a browser than to embed a JS engine into NM.


On Fri, 2008-09-26 at 11:04 -0500, elijah rutschman wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 10:13 AM, Slokunshialgo <slokun belligero org>
> wrote:
> [...] 
>         The basic idea thus far is to use d-bus to connect NM to a
>         Firefox
>         extension (starting it if need be) and pass a saved username
>         and
>         password.  This extension would then use different things in
>         Firefox to
>         login to the page, passing back success or failure.
>         Does anybody have any suggestions, or any problems with the
>         proposed
>         idea?
> Just a though: if the authentication didn't rely on setting up a
> browser session, but instead used IP addresses to keep track of a
> user's authentication status, something like 'curl' to initiate the
> login might be more simple and effective than a browser extension.
> That way, the user wouldn't need Firefox or extra plugins.  But, I
> don't know how those T-Mobile hotspots at Starbucks or Boingo airport
> base stations, etc keep track of authentication, so this is all
> speculative.
> Regards,
> Elijah
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