Re: downgrade to 0.6.6 temporally?

unfortunatly Im still unable to connect to our Windows 2003 VPN Server
on my Intrepid machine. It worked on hardy and the bug is already filed
at lp:

I wonder if I can downgrade only the network-manager to 0.6.6 untill
this bug is fixed. I just tried to build it from source but got an error
because my package wireless-tools isn't the right one that was expected
for that network-manager version. How could I work around it...I don't
won't to destabilise my system but I want to get my VPN to work :-)

Well, I'm not running Intrepid yet, but I did upgrade to NM .7 on Hardy and had problems with it. I successfully downgraded to .6.6 and fixed my issues (most of them anyway). It is kind of a pain to downgrade, but it can be done. I did have one problem after downgrading though - I was unable to create *new* VPNs. I already had some created before upgrading to .7 and those work OK, but I could not get new ones configured after the switch.

Trey Nolen

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