Re: Fwd: Stop this APN madness!

to, 2008-08-28 kello 21:49 +0100, Stuart Ward kirjoitti:
> We could be realy clever in the configuration screen and query the
> current operator, look up the APN for that oprtator. The only problem
> with this is that the operator names are sometimes come out as MCC/MNC
> numbers rather than the marketing name, but I can supply a list of all
> the MCC/MNC numbers to network names. This is all in a GSMA database.
> -- Stuart Ward M +44 7782325143


I've been really busy in these couple or so weeks and I haven't had time
to look into this and probably don't have much time in the following
weeks either, but let's keep up the conversation! I'm sure we can get
somewhere :)

Isaac from Wader[0] project contacted me and they might be willing to
use[1] m-b-p-i if those MCC/MNC[2] codes are added to database
format[3]. It only requires a new netid element for provider element and
everyone would be happy, no? So wouldn't it make sense to include these
codes in mobile-broadband-provider-info?

Stuart, can the IDs you provide be licensed under Creative Commons
Public Domain?

-- Antti


I added Pablo Martí from Wader project to CC as the link to their -devel
mailing list didn't work.

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