Re: openvpn plugin http-proxy support patch

Dan Williams wrote:
On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 15:41 +0200, Tomas Kovacik wrote:

this is my first code after 8 years, I hope it's ok . Basically  it's
only copy/paste :). Proxy auth is not implemented yet.

Any idea what other auth options are valid when tunelling through a
proxy server?  I've seen a config that uses the normal TLS options, but
are password+TLS and password usable?  I assume static key is not?
Tests done, i try all 4 auth options(tls,pass,tls+pass,static key)  throuht a proxy server and everthing works perfect ....

If proxy support is mutually exclusive of the others (which I don't
think it is but don't know for sure) then it should be an additional
auth method.

If it's not mutually exclusive, then we should add it as a tab in the
Advanced dialog for those options.



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