Re: networkmanager causes gnome to not be able to open any programs

Izzy Condie wrote:
I have been having this problem for a while now and it has seemed random. All of a sudden I can't open any more programs, nothing
happens. If I try to open a program in a console I get something like:

No protocol specified
Cannot open display:
Run 'gedit --help' to see a full list of available command line

I check the display variable and it looks fine. I finally narrowed it down to something with networkmanager. I will be fine until I switch networks in networkmanager. If networkmanager always stays on the
same network I am fine, but if I dare change networks I am then
forced to kill X and re-log back in to be able to open anything new.

What is causing this? Has anyone else experienced it?

I found that the HOSTNAME variable was being reset to after networkmanager started up on my
distro.  I don't know where networkmanager was getting its information
from on my distro so I simply added a HOSTNAME=$YOURHOSTNAME to my
dhcpcd configuration file.  On my distro its in /etc/conf.d/dhcpcd

Ahhm ok. Mine was set back to "localhost". Must have not paid attention when I oncec ran an etc-update on this gentoo system because I didn;t always have this problem.I just corrected it, see if that fixes it. Thanks for the tip.

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