Re: mbca: CDMA operator issues

pe, 2008-10-24 kello 19:02 -0400, Dan Williams kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> I notice the Wizard in Ubuntu also doesn't filter for CDMA vs. GSM,
> which can obviously be autodetected based on probing of the HAL
> information.  For a given GSM device, you shouldn't show CDMA, but for a
> given CDMA device, you shouldn't show GSM operators.  I plugged my
> Sprint card into an 8.10 beta system running NM packages from 2008-10-15
> and it just showed GSM providers, which obviously won't work for my
> card.

The reason why the wizard is showing only GSM providers is that the
database doesn't yet contain many CDMA providers :) 

The list of operators could easily be filtered based on network type,
but libmbca API doesn't support that ATM :/

> It's also sometimes possible to pull out what CDMA provider the card is
> meant for by grepping the output of ATI, because the firmware strings
> will sometimes contain the provider name.  Might be a future
> optimization to suggest the provider based on that, but let the user
> override if they wish.

True, but let's see if we can get network ID's to the database. We can
use those to present smart suggestions to the users and since network id
is inquired from the phone it's pretty accurate.

> There's also which has
> a few more CDMA things for mbca.

I will look into this.

 -- Antti

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