Re: [PATCH] Support default path for importing openvpn configuration file

On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 7:13 AM, Bin Li <libin charles gmail com> wrote:
> Generally the openvpn configuration file set the ca, cert and key file
> without the absolute path, and
> the openvpn could find these file in the same path of the
> configuration file. Just run this:
> # openvpn --config Client-config.ovpn
> openvpn works fine. Client-config.ovpn, ca.crt client.crt and
> client.key in the same directory.
> And when I import the openvpn configuration file, the
> nm-connection-editor couldn't set the ca, cert and key file.
> This patch will works for it.

It leaks 'default_path' variable in do_import(). I'd also use
g_build_filename() in handle_path_item() in case the path isn't


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