How do I set up my Open VPN connection in NM 0.7.0


I have a working OpenVPN setup on my laptop using Ubuntu Hardy and nm 0.6.6. 

Now I'm trying to set up the same connection on another machine using NM
0.7.0 on Intrepid Ibix testing. However the layout of the configuration
pages have changed, and I'm confused as to how to configure my new
connection (and the purpose of some of the new options). 

I have tried to set up 0.7.0. When I ask the applet to connect to the VPN, I
get the following message popup: "The VPN connection 'xxx' failed because
the VPN service stopped unexpectedly." Could this error be due to the fact
that I have not configured the tunnel correctly, or should I look elsewhere
to solve this problem?

In 0.6.6 I could specify the subnets for which the VPN connection should be
used (CIDR notation) on the "optional" tab. How do I set up this in 0.7.0?
I'm assuming I have to use the "IPv4 Settings" tab, but there I have also to
specify a gateway (not only a subnet specification). What gateway should
this be? Or is this not the right place for this setting?

And, what does the "System settings" check box do?

Thanks ahead for any help answering these questions :-D

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