Re: Storing the WEP key outside user's keyring

2008/10/4 Robert Piasek <robert piasek co uk>:

> 3) use policykit to grant yourself rights to save system wide config
> (Needed only if you want to save your settings using nm-applet):

Thanks, I did not know that.

> 4) if you have X, go to nm-applet and save your configuration as system
> wide settings.

Does not work: the checkbox does not stay checked after the dialog is
closed, and nm-connection-editor prints to stderr at that moment:

** (nm-connection-editor:7177): WARNING **: edit_done_cb: invalid
connection after update: bug in the 'NMSettingIP4Config' / 'method'
invalid: 2

So here is a bug to fix in nm :)

(If someone fixes this, I will not be able to test that during two
weeks starting tomorrow.)

Marcin Kowalczyk
qrczak knm org pl

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