Re: wpa_supplicant cli works, but NM insists "wireless is disabled"

>>this time.  It's a policy decision; I made the decision to keep things
>>simple and direct and interpret the user's intent as disabling wireless
>>when the rfkill switch is turned on.
>even if I were some sort of C and networking guru and veteran member of your 
>development team, still i would not seek to impose any modifications to your 
>code.  (And I am light years away from all the above)  (I say this in response 
>to your mentioning "upstream" -- a word i've not heard before but assume has 
>something to do with committing code changes for general use). Your generous 
>contribution of skill has made things easier for millions.
>However, could you please provide a quick hack to meet my rare need, to keep 
>my wifi class always enabled, regardless of what the BIOS is reporting?  It 
>would be confined to my system strictly.

I am not asking for a whole patch.  Only a more specific clue as to which variables are involved, and at which level would it be best to intervene by assigning a constant (I'm assuming something like assigning a constant "TRUE" to some boolean somewhere)

thanks again

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