Re: Network manager install ?

Alexander Sack wrote:
On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 08:43:07PM +0000, Walter wrote:
I have just installed Xubuntu and have no icon for NM.  Synaptic tells  
me it is installed but how do I get it to run? I tried alt F2 with no  
success.  I then installed WICD got it to work but every few seconds it  
looses the connection.  I would like to remove this if I can get MN to  
run.  Any help appreciated.

I am quite sure you are having legacy configurations in
/etc/network/interfaces ... If so you are probably seeing:

easiest solution is to clean /etc/network/interfaces and reboot.

 - Alexander

Thanks, Alexander, your suggested link was fine, I removed 'wicd', I commented out all of /etc/network/interfaces file and sure I got the familiar nm-applet back.  Now I'm just struggling to get the driver and the settings to work.
Regards Walter

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