Re: problems with intel wireless cards

Dan Williams skrev:
> On Mon, 2008-11-10 at 11:33 +0100, Bjorge Solli wrote:
>> Hi Dan and others,
>> we see a problem with intel wireless cards on our Fedora 9 with 2.6.26
>> kernel.
>> The problem exists (it seems) only on our high end wireless routers, not
>> on cheap home access points. I have seen it on both a and g networks, on
>> two different brands of routers (both cisco).
>> The router receives the first request for connection, but it gives up
>> replying after 10 tries. This results in no connection when the wireless
>> card times out.
>> We are able to "solve" this in these ways:
>> - restart NetworkManager service many times until it works.
>> - revert to 2.6.25 kernel
>> We have seen the same on Ubuntu.
>> We first thought it was due to bad firmware, but we have produced the
>> same results with all fw we could get our hands on.
>> It seems to me that this is not a bug in NM, but in the kernel, and that
>> NM sometimes does "The Right Thing" to make it work, and other times
>> not. I'm guessing it's a kernel issue, but want your advice on this topic.
> There's an Fedora kernel bug open for this one; if you can, try turning
> off 802.11n if the AP has 802.11n enabled.  If that fixes the problem,
> then it's the same thing that worked for some other people in the bug,
> and clearly indicates a kernel driver/stack bug that needs to be fixed.

I will try this tomorrow (I'm on CET). Will this bug have this effect
even when the AP don't have n-network available? I'm not sure how to
turn n of though, is it a sw or bios setting? It's a HP 2510p.

Do you have a bugzilla-url?


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