Re: kernel causes NM to fail to connect, works perfectly

On 08/03/2008, Brian Morrison <bdm fenrir org uk> wrote:
> Should have added, it's an Intel 3945ABG card using the iwl3945
>  drivers. I don't think they or NM were updated in this batch of
>  updates....<checks>, only NM-openvpn which I'm not using just now.
>  So, looks like the kernel is the culprit although it might be that the
>  new kernel wireless fixes are correct and NM was working around
>  something in the previous kernel.

I've also been having lots of problems with my 3945 using the iwl3945
ever since I bought a new laptop. Can you please see if the issue I
reported at [1] is similar to yours and add a comment there in that



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