Re: ppp support

Vitja Makarov wrote:

I'm working on project called ppp-manager. It aims to support many types of ppp
connections. I'm mostly intrested in pptp, pppoe, pppoatm, ppp over
br2684 and gprs.
The most important thing for me(and many of my friend) is to replace
default route correctly.
For example many local networks in russia are lan based, dhcp assign
you IP,mask and gateway. Then when you try to establish PPTP or PPPoE
connection you are running in a problem: what to do with the old one
default? In PPTP case you can't just delete it, as it holds route to
pptp server. ppp-manager gives an option replacedefault a list of
networks plus VPN server one, that will be still routed via default
old. Now the service part is almost ready(it can handle pptp, gprs
wired or wireless for now, and routing). There is simple GUI applet,
that can acitvate/deactivate profiles, stored in gconf, but no
configuration tool. I'm thinking about possibility of integration in
NM. If you are interested I'll send you sources to talk next.



Can Vitja Makarov or his code help speeding up
support for PPTP  (VPN) into  NM.

Best regards
                   Johann B.

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