Re: NetworkManager with multiple wireless cards

Dan Williams wrote:

Sounds like a bug but only in _some_ cases.  If you lock your
connections down to a specific card (by setting the card's MAC address
in the connection editor), then NM will only use that connection with
that card.  If you don't, and the connection is marked with autoconnect,
then NM will bring that connection up on any wireless card available if
the card can see the AP.  If the connection is not marked autoconnect,
then you can manually tell NM which connection to bring up on which

I see.
I thought that the MAC address was used to change the MAC address and not to select the card.
Wouldn't it be easier to enter the interface name?

Anyway now I've create 2 entries with different MAC and it works.

What is misleading is that there are one list of networks per card, so one expects that the network is connected only on the selected card. Shouldn't NM set the MAC address automatically when it create an entry automatically?
Or there should be only 1 list of all networks available regardless of the card.

NM does not report it in the Connection Information, but ifconfig shows that both interfaces are connected.

Do you mean 'iwconfig'?  The SSID shown in iwconfig doesn't necessarily
mean that NM has connected to the AP.  Drivers will sometimes
auto-associate with a given AP (but of course you won't have an IP
address or routes because NM hasn't brought the connection up), other
times there are bugs in the driver that leak an SSID through even when
it's not really connected to the AP.  A real association will have both
a valid BSSID and a valid SSID as reported by 'iwconfig'.

No, I mean ifconfig, and what I check is that there is an IP number or not for each interface.
I don;t use the SSID from iwconfig since as you say it does not mean "connected".

Yes, there probably should be a better way than "last one wins".
However, if there were a hypothetical "this connection is always
default", what should happen if you mark two connections as always
default?  last one wins like it currently is?

Something like a radio button, so there can only be 1.



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