Re: GSM CID fix

On Tue, 2008-07-29 at 19:23 +0200, Lionel MANSUY wrote:
> Hello
> When setting up the APN, NetworkManager uses a CID number hardcoded to
> 1.This does not work when the APN used is not the first one (in my
> case, I have to use the second APN of my SIM card).

What error does NM print in the logs when it tries to set the APN?  Or
does your phone just not allow setting CID 1?  Or does it silently
accept the setup of CID 1 and ignore the requested changes?

Also, what hardware is this?

NM should be setting CID 1 to whatever APN you give it, and thus should
be using CID 1 all the time.

> Here are 2 patch to add the possibility to modifiy the CID:
> gsm-cid-fix.patch: for NetworkManager 0.7.0, svn revision: 3830
> applet-cid-fix.patch: for nm-applet 0.7.0, svn revision: 792

I don't think we need to expose the CID to the user, since most of the
time you never know what CID corresponds to what APN unless you whip out
minicom and ask the phone specifically.  NM should be able to set the
APN as it needs to, and then use the CID it set later on.


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