Re: Wireless requires roaming to be turned off and back on before connecting

Dan Williams wrote:

AFAIK you can't actually run that command at all unless you're root,
since it has the potential to interrupt traffic either way.

From the man page for iwlist:

Give the list of Access Points and Ad-Hoc cells in range, and optionally a whole bunch of information about them (ESSID, Quality, Frequency, Mode...). The type of information returned depends on what the card supports. Triggering scanning is a privileged operation (root only) and normal users can only read left-over scan results. By default, the way scanning is done (the scope of the scan) is dependant on the card and card settings. This command takes optional arguments, however most drivers will ignore those. The option essid is used to specify a scan on a specific ESSID so you will also see hidden networks with that name in addition to the regular scan results. The option last does not trigger a scan and reads left-over scan results.

This is the way that openSUSE works. I would not expect it to be different in other distros.


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