Re: Log Directory

Zaki Akhmad wrote:
> Hai All
> Where is networkmanager log directory? I am using wireless connection
> with networkmanager. Unfortunately, the signal is up and down. Switch
> between connect and disconect, very quickly. Something wrong?

what distro/version?  what version of network-manager?

you'll get better responses from folks on this list in the future if you
try and provide as much detail as you can...

usually, network-manager writes it's log messages to
/var/log/daemon.log, although this could be different on your system.

if you don't see any obvious network-manager log message in daemon.log,
checkout your system logging configuration ( /etc/syslog.conf ) to find
out how your system logging is setup.

as for tracking disconnects, you also might want to check kern.log in
the same directory ( /var/log ) and see if there's anything obvious there.


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