Automatic eth0 lost, and using DHCP send-hostname


Just giving NetworkManager-0.7.0-0.11.svn3846.fc{89} a spin. A couple of

 1. My F8 machine has only "System eth0" (no auto),
    and my F9 machine has only "Auto eth0".

I've purged /system/networking/connections in gconf, and restarted
nm-applet, but I can't get the "missing" connections back. Shouldn't
there be both? And how can I choose which one I want to auto-connect?

Actually, it seems that if I enable eth0 on boot on the F8 machine with
s-c-n, it will autoconnect "System eth0"... this doesn't *seem* to be
required on F9, since it only presents "Auto eth0". Maybe the s-c-n
checkbox should be relabeled "Connect automatically whenever link
available" or something?

 2. I can't seem to get the DHCP send-hostname feature to work.

I've set it using s-c-n, but in F9 (choosing "Auto eth0") the machine
gets bound to a dynamically-assigned name, *not* the DHCP_HOSTNAME I
configured in ifcfg-<interface>. I still need the
old /etc/dhclient*.conf for it to work. Likewise in F8 (choosing "System
eth0"), although I've not been able to get it working even
with /etc/dhclient*.conf in place. 

What have I done wrong?


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