Re: [PATCH] Enable dhcpcd instead of dhclient

Roy Marples wrote:
On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 15:29:43 +0100, Roy Marples <roy marples name> wrote:
Please apply this to NetworkManager :)

I don't quite like the configure bits yet. It forces you to have either dhclient or dhcpd installed for a successful build.

This effectively makes the dhcp client a build depenency.
This doesn't really matter for a (source-based) distro like gentoo, but on other distros, where the packages are built in a separate build environment this means, that you now have to install a dhcp client.

I'd say, if an absolute path is given (i.e. --with-dhcp-client=/sbin/dhclient), simply take this path and do no further checks. Imo it's safe to assume, if someone is using the configure flag this way, he knows what he's doing.


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