Re: Simple connect feature for xl2tpd

On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 7:27 PM, David Smith <dds google com> wrote:
> Dan, how set are you on using NSS? I believe this job is better fit for
> just supporting PKCS#11 in NM and making nm-applet use gnome-keyring's
> PKCS#11 interface by default. Using just PKCS#11 is a much lighter
> dependency and far simpler design. Also, using NSS in NM would require
> it to be integrated in the supplicant, but wpasupplicant already
> supports PKCS#11.

I'm very excited about these patches and I definitely would like to
see it finished (the applet part). Much better to have it now rather
than ideas how to do it differently later. Plus, NSS backend for
gnome-keyring is in their todo list.


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