Re: PPP: "Re: IPCP with mobile ISP sometimes gives bogus DNS address"

Also you can take a look at my patch recently posted to
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Re: PPP difficulties regarding connection establishment and bogus DNS received
07/01/2008 02:50 PM

Markus Becker wrote:
Hi all,

several 3G cards (e.g. from Option) are reporting as DNS server, when they are not yet attached to a network, as you probably know, see

There seem to be 2 possible solutions to this:
1) Patch PPP to accept MS-WINS settings and use high values for ipcp-max-configure, ipcp-max-failure, ipcp-max-terminate and/or ipcp-restart. See .
(I am using the mentioned patch currently. Works fine for me.)

2) Checking with AT command CGATT, whether the device is attached to a network and only try to dial in when this is true. (

In order to get this fixed, I have several questions:

a) The Debian bug report states, this has been sent upstream. Has upstream accepted, denied or forgotten about it? Is there an upstream bugzilla for

b) Marco, could this patch be part of the Debian package? Dan, how is this done in Fedora?

c) Dan, could solution 2 be integrated into NM?

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