Re: [PATCH] resolvconf support (Re: NM 0.7 Debian Lenny - strangest issue...)

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 01:29:53PM +0300, Hristo Hristov wrote:
> Hi,
> Why don't you use the dispatcher? I'm not sure which is the correct
> approach. 
> To use the dispatcher you have to send more information to it like
> nameservers. I didn't have time until now to make a nice support for
> it. See
> for more information on my idea. I'll try to make something better soon.

The idea is to not rewrite resolv.conf which can best be done in
named-manager or code surrounding that.

If we dont want this resolvconf code to clutter the core named manager
code, we could consider to put it into the distro backends. For that
we introducing nm_system_commit_resolv_conf would be an
option. NetworkManagerDebian.c could get the new logic, while the
other backends just get a simple rename for now.


 - Alexander

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