nm-applet CRITICAL errors displayed

When launching nm-applet --sm-disable in a terminal I start receiving these errors... The first is:

(nm-applet:18251): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_notebook_set_tab_label: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (child)' failed

that only appears once and doesn't seem to affect any functionality.

The second is below:

** (nm-applet:18251): CRITICAL **: nm_utils_ssid_to_utf8: assertion `ssid != NULL' failed

I am connecting to a hidden network and the following error seems to populate about every 5 seconds.

I also noticed that when attempting to use a static IP with this hidden AP, all the fields are populated except for Gateway it continues to report a number and. obviously, connections beyond my subnet become impossible. Re-entry of the gateway, restarting of nm-applet and dbus doesn't seem to affect it either. However, DHCP with manual DNS works fine... I havent been able to play with this to much since I'm at work, although right now I'm loving 0.7; aside from a few minor issues it seems to be working great!

Debian Lenny - 2.6.25 and Broadcom 4306 (B43 firmware cutter)

Thanks for the great work on this app... it really makes the linux experience some much more pleasant...

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