Re: OpenVPN Client on Ubuntu

Dan Williams wrote:
On Wed, 2008-06-25 at 11:09 -0700, sdevine wrote:
Darren Albers wrote:
On Dec 3, 2007 5:01 PM, MrDetermination <mrd mrdetermination com> wrote:
# Tunnel options
mode server       # Set OpenVPN major mode
proto udp         # Setup the protocol (server)
port xxxx         # TCP/UDP port number
dev tap0          # TUN/TAP virtual network device
keepalive 15 60   # Simplify the expression of --ping
daemon            # Become a daemon after all initialization
verb 3            # Set output verbosity to n
comp-lzo          # Use fast LZO compression

# OpenVPN server mode options
client-to-client  # tells OpenVPN to internally route client-to-client
duplicate-cn      # Allow multiple clients with the same common name

# TLS Mode Options
tls-server        # Enable TLS and assume server role during TLS
ca ca.crt         # Certificate authority (CA) file
dh dh1024.pem     # File containing Diffie Hellman parameters
cert server.crt   # Local peer's signed certificate
key server.key    # Local peer's private key
I believe I am having the same problem on Hardy.  While following the same
dd-wrt tutorial, launching openvpn from the command line works, but
networkmanager pops up a dialog with the message "The VPN login failed
because the VPN program received an invalid configuration from the VPN

The only additional information I could find was an error about not
obtaining an IP address from the server in my syslog (pasted below).

Yeah, we need an IP address for the local side of the tunnel.  Any idea
how that's sent in your local OpenVPN server config?  i.e. what
environment variable an openvpn hook script would use to set the IP
address on the local interface.  Currently that's pulled from

Thanks Dan! I wasn't relying on openvpn to assign an IP address, but the dhcpd running on the DD-WRT. Which would explain why ifconfig_local was never set. I added this line to my server config file:


...and NetworkManager happily connects now.


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