Re: openvpn problems

On Sun, 2008-06-29 at 17:08 -0500, Casey Harkins wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-06-28 at 20:26 +0400, Vasiliy G Tolstov wrote:
> > Hello!
> > Today i'm install latest openvpn plugin and want to create connection.
> > I'm have pem, key, crt files. But nm-openvpn connection editor does not
> > allow to change extension of files and i can't select needed files.
> > 
> Why can't you select the needed files? The file browser should allow you
> to select any file with any extension.
> On a side note, I wouldn't mind if the GtkEntry's for the various keys
> were editable. Would anyone be opposed to making them editable? Should
> the existence of the files be verified upon apply?

Probably not; I guess we should go back to the previous method of an
entry and a square file chooser button.


> -casey
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