Re: NM using Option card

On Feb 7, 2008 1:38 PM, Markus Becker <mab comnets uni-bremen de> wrote:
> However, I needed to modify nm-gsm-device to work with the Option card to
> try the registration again also for the reply "+CREG: 0,0". After the
> second or third "+CREG: 0,0" reply, it then replies with "+CREG: 0,2" as
> expected. This patch works for me:

This doesn't look quite right to me. CREG: 0,0 means  0,"not
registered, MT is not currently searching a new operator to register
to". Or, the device isn't trying to associate so there's no point in
waiting for successful attempt. The correct thing to do in case of
that response would be to make the card start registration. At the
same time, the registration code we have is very primitive and works
only on ideal case, so if the patch makes it work for you, I wouldn't
mind committing it. The only side effect (in case of some other cards)
would be that NM just waits there doing nothing before it finally

> Currently I am struggling with the routes and the IP configuration, setted
> after dialing in. They do not seem reasonable to me and I cannot reach the
> DNS server nor the peer (

Are you on some suse distribution? If yes, you need to change
/etc/sysconfig/network/config and set


There's a lot of magic involved with suse network scripts, don't ask...


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