Re: New features in the 0.6 branch

Dan Williams wrote:
> Any bugs/issues you feel are super-important before a 0.6.6 release?
> I'd actually like to take a look at the SSID -> GConf hashing again
> because I've been getting some reports of crashing there, but I'd like
> to start a 0.6.6 RC phase by the middle of the month at least.

Hi Dan,

there is the one issue, I already wrote a separate email for (about the
possibility of not shutting down an interface on stop. A very often
requested feature in Debian).

Another very annoying bug (which I encounter myself from time to time)
are frequent disconnects followed by assertion failures (having ipw2100,
kernel 2.6.24).

And also (not sure if it's related to newer versions of wpa_supplicant,
current version in Debian unstable is 0.6.1~git20071119) are failures to
connect to WPA networks. The log often has failure messages like:
couldn't connect to the supplicant.

Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the
universe are pointed away from Earth?

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