Stopping NetworkManager without taking the interface down.

Hi everyone,

as NetworkManager (especially the 0.7 version) tries to be more than
just a network configuration for the laptop, but also desktops and
servers, there is one issue, that's currently suboptimal imho.
That is, that NM always deconfigures the network interface when it is
stopped. This is especially unfortunate, when you remotely administer
machines and you have to restart NetworkManager (e.g. after installing a
security update of NM. Rebooting is not ideal for servers...).

That's why I think, it's an important feature for NetworkManager, to
provide the option to not deconfigure a network interface on stop and
ideally, on startup, recognize and pickup an already existing
connection, without the need to reconfigure the device.
The latter might be very hard to do for wireless interfaces, but for
wired interfaces it should be possible (and most servers and
workstations will have wired connections).

Dan, Tambet, would it be possible to add such functionality to

Other opionions on this are very welcome.


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