Web Based network Login 0.1

If you haven't read my emails to this list before, the idea is that
several networks, such as colleges, workplaces, café hotspots, trains,
airplanes, etc. require you to navigate to a webpage and login to there
before you can access the internet, even outside of the browser.  I've
been working on something that would automate this process.

One thing I've not mentioned before, is that I started working on this
for an open source development course at my college, and it was supposed
to have been requested by one of the more major projects, but I don't
know which one, so my assumption was NetworkManager, hence why I'm
sending this to you guys.

Anyway, most of this is taken from
http://belligero.org/blog-layout/38-networkmanager-automatic-web-authentication-01-03-release , and I'm just putting here some of the key points.

What I have so far can be found at
http://belligero.org/nmAutoLogin/nmAutoLogin-0.1.tar.gz .  This includes
an extension for Firefox (32-bit Linux only, since part of it is binary)
and a Python script used to listen to NM, pick out the SSID of a
wireless network on connection, and act upon it.  What it does right now
is ignores the SSID, and sends the URL of my college's network login
page, which then opens it and automatically submits it.

Since this is more a preview of what I have so far than something
intended for actual use, I do plan to add a fair amount to it.  Notably:
- Read in from a file (likely just CSV) and make a key-value table of
SSID with login URL
- Send this corresponding URL to FF
- If FF isn't open, open it, then send the URL
- After this is done, make a small program to manage the config file

I'm probably forgetting something here, but I do go into a lot more
detail in the blog post I linked earlier.  If you have anything to say
about it, to me, saying this has nothing to do with NM, whatever, I'd
love to hear.


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