Re: [PATCH] add libmbca support

ti, 2008-08-19 kello 14:25 +0300, Antti Kaijanmäki kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> here's a patch to add libmbca support to network-manager-applet. Support
> has to be enabled by --with-mbca configure flag, so the support (and
> dependency) is not mandatory. I've tested the patch against the latest
> trunk (r859).
> If the support gets compiled in, libmbca does not have to be present on
> the users system as the library is dynamically loaded at runtime.
> There's one change that has unconditional effect. I've added IPv4 tab to
> mobile broadband connection editor, because it's needed with certain
> service providers.
> comments appreciated!
> Br,
> Antti

No comments, no objections, right ;P
So am I good to merge this to trunk? Dan?

 -- Antti

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