Re: [PATCH] Change to ustar for filenames >99 length

Robert Buchholz wrote:
> Hello,
> please consider the attached patch for inclusion in NetworkManager 0.7 
> trunk. By default, Automake generates 'v7' tar archives on 'make dist', 
> which do not allow files with more than 99 characters in the path name. 
> This becomes an issue when you append data to the version number (as I 
> do for unreleased snapshots), and can be seen here:
> =====================================================================
> tardir=NetworkManager-0.7.0_pre20080807 && /bin/sh ./missing --run tar 
> chof - "$tardir" | GZIP=--best gzip -c 
>> NetworkManager-0.7.0_pre20080807.tar.gz
> tar: 
> NetworkManager-0.7.0_pre20080807/system-settings/src/ 
> file name is too long (max 99); not dumped
> tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
> =====================================================================
> The patch enables such filenames by changing to the 'ustar' tarfile 
> format.

I'd update the AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE macro to specifiy the minimum required

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.9 subdir-objects tar-ustar])

This way, people using autoreconf (instead of ./ won't be bitten.

Btw, why is automake 1.9 required? I couldn't find this requirement in
the upstream automake documentation (but maybe I simply didn't look
close enough)


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