Re: [PATCHES] symbol visibility

Marcel Holtmann wrote:

> If the versioning script would handle regular expression by itself, then
> that would be a lot simpler actually. At least I couldn't get that to
> work.

Afaik, this should work just fine. A version script like

should work in your case.

Problem is, that within NM, the nm_* prefix is also used for private
functions, so we can't use that, unless we change all those private
functions to something like _nm_* (which would mean a lot of code changes)

But as Dan already said, another benefit of explicitely listing all
exported symbols is, that you have complete control over what is
exported and what not and you can examine in one glance your complete
API. (and we don't export any symbols by accident)

Admittedly it is more maintenance work, keeping the version script
up-to-date (and in sync with the installed header files). On the other
hand, we should be really careful anyways, about changes to the API as
soon as a stable version 0.7 is out. So this is imho actually a good
thing, as it reminds when doing API changes.

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