Re: knm with 0.7


here is a short summary of the current KNM dvelopment-state for 0.7 as 
response to Dan's mail :)

Am Montag, 24. September 2007 17:26:56 schrieb Dan Williams:
> On Mon, 2007-09-24 at 14:24 +0200, Helmut Schaa wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Am Freitag, 21. September 2007 16:18:05 schrieb Dan Williams:
> > > Is the work you've done for 0.7 compat so far in SVN somewhere?  I
> > > can't seem to find it (besides the fact that websvn was down last
> > > night).
> >
> > No, I have nothing in SVN yet, sorry.
> >
> > Let's see if I can put my current development version into SVN this week
> > (not in the current development tree as it is intended for the stable
> > version against NM 0.6.5).
> >
> > > Anything I can do to help it along?
> >
> > I have to investigate a bit more to see where the open ends are (I think
> > the DBus interface is already in a good shape). I'll send a ping when I
> > know more.
> Ok, great; the sooner the better.

So, I created a new development branch for KNM, you can find it at [1]. All 
changes I've done so far to get KNM working with 0.7 were commited today :)

* The context menu got a new option "Create new connection" which will
  replace "Connect to other network" (which does not work anymore but is still 
  in the menu -> should be removed)
* This dialog is already able to configure a new wired connection and activate
  it :)
* For wireless connections the security widget is not yet ready as I decided 
  to redesign it to allow better control over all different security options
* Currently clicking on a network in the context menu opens this dialog and 
  preselects the appropriate device and sets the essid
* Widgets for the settings "connection", "ipv4" and "wireless" are mostly 

What still has to be done:
* The storage backend needs to be extended/rewritten as it has to store the 
  new connection-objects and not only the wireless security options (Currently 
  no connections are persisted)
* The same applies for the Wallet interface (but that should be fairly simple)
* I did not do anything to VPN until now, except: make it compile :(
* Nothing done for PPP too
* Indents and whitespaces are very sluttish right now
* Clean up lots of old, now unused code
* the secrets-interface is only a stub for now
* More widgets for the different settings ("wireless-security" etc.)

What would be nice to have:
* Perhaps one tray-icon per device would give a better user experience than
  all devices grouped together in one context menu
* A connection editor would really be cool (creating new connections, editing 
  connections without connecting to them etc.)

Hmm, this summary is not exhaustive.

Feel free to mail me about anything else you like to know (at least when it's 
related to KNM).

If somebody is willing to work on KNM please get in touch with me first to 
coordinate the work better.



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