Re: Works with wpa_supplicant -D wext, but not with NM

Stuart Gathman wrote:

The error message from NM is:
The requested wireless network requires security capabilities unsupported by your hardware.

wpa_applicant works fine. wifi-radar works fine. I am sending this over WPA wireless.
Wicd also works great. In fact, it has a root priv background daemon talking to user priv applications over dbus, like network manager (wifi-radar is terrible security wise). It shows wired as well as wireless, auto connects to best available, is written entirely in python, so the code is very accessible.

What is the killer feature of NM? I suppose efficiently calling network APIs directly instead of running iwlist, iwconfig, etc, from a script. (Maybe I should contribute a native module to let wicd do that in python, but I'll lift it from NM after you guys get it debugged :-) The NM user applet is nicer than the standalone gui for wicd. I'm also thinking that mesh algorithms like OLTP uses are best done in C. So I'll be watching NM, and will give 0.7 a try when it is packaged (it sounds good from the discussion here), but wicd is what I'm giving my users for the time being.

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