Re: Explanation of killswitch related messages.

Rogue escrib�
> Hi Brian,
> Brian Millett wrote:
>> Aaron Konstam escrib�
>> What is happening is the /usr/bin/dellWirelessCtl is what is being called and it
>> needs the dcdbas module to be loaded.  Since it is not, then the message.
>> Look here for libsmbios-bin-0.13.6-1.fc7:
> Amazing, I wasn't aware of this :-) Thank you for enlightening me.
>> [bpm]$ rpm -ql libsmbios-bin-0.13.6-1.fc7
> Got it.
>> I've added:
>> modprobe dcdbas
> Did that!
>> to /etc/rc.local so it gets loaded at boot.
>> Then the messages not only go away, but toggling the wireless kill switch works.
> Unfortunately, no :-( ... Now I see the following error message:
> Sep 19 23:13:12 Xymnotune NetworkManager: <info>  Error getting
> killswitch power: org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.KillSwitch.NotSupported -
> dellWirelessCtl returned 4
> And that is what keeps repeating.
> Any ideas of what I can do to get around it?
> thanks,
> Rogue
> libsmbios-libs-0.13.10-1.fc7
> libsmbios-bin-0.13.10-1.fc7
> NetworkManager-0.6.5-7.fc7

1) make sure that the dcdbas is loaded by doing a 'lsmod | grep dcdbas'
if not, then do 'modprobe dcdbas'

2) make sure that the killswitch is turned on in the bios.

You do have a dell?  I don't have bluetooth on my d820, but I had to make sure
that the switch was enabled in the bios.

3) what does '/usr/bin/dellWirelessCtl --version' return?

Libsmbios version:    0.13.10
dellWirelessCtl version: 0.3.0

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