Status of "dial up" support?

Hello everyone,

I am using Ubuntu Feisty/Gutsy and I find NM a very useful tool.

However, I connect to the internet over my bluetooth phone - and
that's implemented as a dial up connection, which in the current 0.6.5
version inside Gutsy, is recognised by NM and shows up underneath VPN
connections for me to connect to.

However, clicking on Connect does not give me any feedback as to
whether it is connected or not - the applet does not update itself
(the "internals" are not updated either: i.e. applications like GAIM
do not know that I have actually connected, either) - and if the
connection failed - I don't receive any feedback as to why it has

Being a bit of a developer myself, I looked into the NM code in order
to try and see where it was all going wrong - however, I noticed that
the dial up menu entry inside the applet has now been removed (and was
actually removed quite some revisions ago.. the actual revision number
is eluding me even though I wrote the thing down!).

I have had a look at the gnome website, and done some googling, but I
do not see too many mentions of it - either before when there was some
support, and now that I assume there no longer is any.

Does anyone know what the current status of this is, then?


Eddie Hung

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