Static IP settings in 0.7 -- per "connection" or "interface"?

Good day all,

The NetworkManagerFAQ[1] indicates that "Better support of static IP
addresses is planned and in-progress for NetworkManager 0.7.", as does
various emails on the mailing list archives (though it is not totally
clear from NetworkManagerToDo[2]).

I guess it will then be possible for the user to set stuff like IP
address, Subnet mask and Gateway (is that right?) 

Question: Will such settings be configured per *"connection"*, so that I
could, for example, use one static IP for one wireless access point,
another static IP for another wireless access point, and dynamic IP for
others? Or will the settings be configured per *"interface"* (such as
eth0, eth1...)?

(I would much prefer the former..)

How about wired access points? Will NetworkManager be able to
differentiate between different wired "connections" (or  "access
points"), and store different settings for them?

As a sidenote I would like to say that I find NetworkManager to be
totally excellent. 

Best regards

Hugo Heden


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