Re: WISPr Support

On 01.09.2007, at 20:08, Elias Probst wrote:

On Saturday 01 September 2007 18:46:01 Marcelo Toledo wrote:
I would like to add WISPr support to NetworkManager, I would like to
hear your comments if it's an acceptable feature, before I start working
on it.

From a user's POV, a really great idea! Can't wait to see this in action!
If you're developing this anyway, please add support for wispr-less
authentication via an URL too.
So I could just select a "Needs authentication" + "URL: " in the properties of
a trusted network and next time I connect to it, (K)NetworkManager
automatically opens my default webbrowser with this URL.

I don't think that this needs any changes to the code. Just use a dispatcher script, that should work.

Just my 0.02c


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